Our entire team is always available for you by phone from Monday through Friday during normal business hours. This allows you to always reach your personal contact within just a few seconds or minutes. 

Personal consulting
and on-site support

To simplify the process for you in case of questions, we assign you with your own personal and permanent contact in outside and inside sales, who will stand by you from A to Z and who knows exactly which pump is being used at your location. Does your issue require a personal meeting? No problem, our outside sales contacts will be happy to visit you at your location to find the perfect solution with you.

Direct exchange of
information at trade shows

Take advantage of the opportunity and visit a trade show to get a good overview and find out about all of our latest products and developments. We would be happy to schedule a face-to-face meeting with you to offer you some in-depth expert advice. This ensures that we maintain an ongoing communication with you.

Unlimited access
to information

At Brinkmann Pumps you have 24x7 access to the most important information on our pumps. We are available for you in person from Monday to Friday. Outside of regular business hours, you can find additional assistance on our website. If our standard product offerings do not provide a solution for your specific problem, one of our competent outside sales agents will come to visit you on site and in person.


reasons why Connect is the perfect service package for you.

Is worldwide availability by phone important to you?

You can reach us by phone. You have a direct contact person who handles your inquiry immediately. This way, we can find the ideal solution for your problem in a short amount of time. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, we will give you phone support so that quickly everything will be back up and running according to plan.

Do you need a personal contact person locally?

"Not possible" is not possible at Brinkmann Pumps. With a local contact person on site, we explain all functions of our pumps to you in person. A service technician will solve any problems that cannot be handled by phone. This means that we are available for you at any time when time is of the essence and the pump needs to be back up and running as soon as possible.

Are trade show visits important to you?

Do you visit trade shows in order to receive information about the latest technologies? Why don't you take advantage of our trade show service? This allows you to easily get admission tickets to the most relevant trade shows of the industry and at the same time you can stop by our booth to get the latest updates on our newest product developments.

What is included in Brinkmann Pumps' online database?

In order to be by your side as a competent partner online, we have filled our online database with all of the information that you need. You will find both the Product Quick Finder on our website as well as our comprehensive product overview that provides you with data sheets, operating instructions, CAD drawings and technical information.

the specialist for pump technology

Being active in the market place means reacting to the needs of our customers with top performance in the shortest time possible. Use our experience in the pump technology as a problem solver. We are best able to deal with your requirements!


BRINKMANN PUMPS has expertise at the highest level! We provide a comprehensive understanding of the pump technology used on site. In short, we know what we are talking about.


BRINKMANN PUMPS makes the entire range of coolant pumps available to you. In each case, the application-specific and customer oriented solution takes center stage. In addition, a well thought-out modular design system enables implementation that is technically highly sophisticated as well as very economical.


Quality can be planned in advance, tested and implemented. This is why all phases of the production process are monitored using the latest measurement techniques. Furthermore, the team has trained specialists who monitor all relevant manufacturing parameters. BRINKMANN PUMPS is certified in accordance with quality management system EN ISO 9001. This testifies to the strict, demanding approach to quality which implemented in all departments throughout the company.

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