delivery options

Do you have a specific express delivery carrier that you prefer working with? Or would you like us to choose the delivery company that delivers the product exactly according to your requirements? No problem, with our many years of experience, we have developed strong relationships with almost every express delivery service. You tell us when and where, and we will do the rest. And in an emergency, we will even make a special delivery by taxi cab.

Fast repairs and
replacement pump delivery

In situations when it is really urgent, why not choose our Express Service? In both areas, production as well as repairs, this will reduce wait and delivery times immensely. With this option, new pumps can be delivered within two to five days. Repairs leave our warehouse within no later than three days. This allows you to stay operational and within only a very short period of time you have your equipment back up and running with your new replacement pump.

Fast response times
in customer contact

We process customer inquiries particularly fast. For example, our sales department has access to a special warehouse to be able to expedite spare parts very quickly.

Our team processes inquiries and supplies you with order confirmations within no more than three business days. 


By taking advantage of digital processes, we are able to raise the quality and speed of our services to a new level. From the contact area on our website, you can quickly connect with your personal BRINKMANN contact.

Depending on the topic at hand, you will be contacted as quickly as possible by either an outside or inside sales agent. 


reasons why Express is the perfect service package for you.

What is included in the demand-based delivery options?

To allow us to be able fully address your specific delivery needs, we have a variety of different options for you to choose from. Have your product delivered by the requested logistics provider of choice and decide for yourself whether to use the standard shipping method or an express delivery.

Do you place a high priority on short repair turnaround times?

Never wait any longer than absolutely necessary for a pending repair. Downtimes must be avoided at all cost, which is why we offer the best available service to you. The BRINKMANN PUMPS repair department can also work in express mode for you. In addition, we guarantee excellent availability of spare parts. We can even offer very short lead times on custom pump orders.

Do you rely on a quick turnaround time for your inquiries?

We process inquiries very quickly. You will receive a confirmation of your inquiry or an acknowledgement of your order within no more than three business days. Depending on the topic at hand, you will be contacted promptly by either an outside or inside sales agent.

How can you benefit from our digitalized processes?

Through our online inquiry form, we have the capability of completing the inquiry processes digitally, allowing us much faster response times. Once you have contacted us, you will receive a competent response very quickly.

the specialist for pump technology

Being active in the market place means reacting to the needs of our customers with top performance in the shortest time possible. Use our experience in the pump technology as a problem solver. We are best able to deal with your requirements!


BRINKMANN PUMPS has expertise at the highest level! We provide a comprehensive understanding of the pump technology used on site. In short, we know what we are talking about.


BRINKMANN PUMPS makes the entire range of coolant pumps available to you. In each case, the application-specific and customer oriented solution takes center stage. In addition, a well thought-out modular design system enables implementation that is technically highly sophisticated as well as very economical.


Quality can be planned in advance, tested and implemented. This is why all phases of the production process are monitored using the latest measurement techniques. Furthermore, the team has trained specialists who monitor all relevant manufacturing parameters. BRINKMANN PUMPS is certified in accordance with quality management system EN ISO 9001. This testifies to the strict, demanding approach to quality which implemented in all departments throughout the company.

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