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Are you interested in learning more about the technology behind BRINKMANN PUMPS? We can help by offering you the suitable training program. Our seminar team can educate your employees on the technical knowledge they need to know. We offer pump seminars free of charge either in our training and testing rooms at BRINKMANN PUMPS or directly on-site at your facility.

Simulation and tests under real operating conditions

Would you like to know how your pump operates under actual operating conditions? We can show your employees and supervisors what our pumps are capable of under actual operating conditions.  You can see our BRINKMANN PUMPS operate first hand under actual operating conditions or you can take advantage of our competency and analyze the Pump's behavior in the existing tank and piping setup by utilizing our simulation software tools.

Individual and customized
solutions for you

Do you require a pump that is customized to meet your specific requirements? Let us take on this task for you, because our technicians and engineers will definitely find the perfect solution for you, we guarantee it. We will determine your specific needs at your site and find the best way of integrating the new pump into your existing system.

warranty periods

Would you like to experience first hand how we can assist you in achieving higher quality results in your company? Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience, we can always offer you the best suited solutions. Even in cases for upgrades to your existing equipment, we can offer you the most appropriate replacement and return options. This way, we can ensure with our pumps that your machines remain up and running at all times.


reasons why Expert is the perfect service package for you.

Do you want to expand your technical knowledge around the topic of coolant pumps?

We train and educate you and your employees with our in-depth seminars. For such seminars we utilize our "Obeya" training room that was specifically designed for this purpose. Thanks to our mobile equipment and our competent training team, we can even offer our highly technical seminar program for large groups as in-house events at your facility as well.

Are simulations and tests relevant for you?

To illustrate the functionality of our pumps and at the same time give you an idea of how the pumps operate under actual operating conditions, we offer you to take advantage of our simulation and calculation programs. At the same time we are happy to convey our wide application knowledge and expertise to you or alternatively, we can also demonstrate the performance of your selected pump under actual operating conditions.

Is in-depth consulting when selecting your pump important to you?

We consult with you by phone, and of course on site in person, to guarantee that you will be able to decide on the best-possible solution. Our outside and inside sales staff are specifically trained in application technology. We will determine the feasibility of implementing your technical requirements and calculate customized pumping systems according to your specifications. For special requirements we can offer you targeted R&D workshops in close cooperating with our Engineering Department.

What does our warranty commitment include for you?

If you are interested in upgrading your existing equipment, we would be happy to support you in replacing your current pumps. Our knowledgeable sales team will quickly prepare for you a return or replacement proposal to fit your needs. As you have come to known from BRINKMANN PUMPS, we will also provide you our superior warranty. Upon request we can even offer you extended warranty periods – ask us about this!

the specialist for pump technology

Being active in the market place means reacting to the needs of our customers with top performance in the shortest time possible. Use our experience in the pump technology as a problem solver. We are best able to deal with your requirements!


BRINKMANN PUMPS has expertise at the highest level! We provide a comprehensive understanding of the pump technology used on site. In short, we know what we are talking about.


BRINKMANN PUMPS makes the entire range of coolant pumps available to you. In each case, the application-specific and customer oriented solution takes center stage. In addition, a well thought-out modular design system enables implementation that is technically highly sophisticated as well as very economical.


Quality can be planned in advance, tested and implemented. This is why all phases of the production process are monitored using the latest measurement techniques. Furthermore, the team has trained specialists who monitor all relevant manufacturing parameters. BRINKMANN PUMPS is certified in accordance with quality management system EN ISO 9001. This testifies to the strict, demanding approach to quality which implemented in all departments throughout the company.

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